Master of My Domain 2.1.2 is Available!

MOMD 2.0

Master of My Domain 2.1.2 is now available!

Read on for screenshots and release notes:

    Master of My Domain 2 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue when quickly deleting multiple domains
  • Type-to-select in the domain list–start typing a domain name to have it selected automatically
  • Minor UI fixes for OS X 10.11 El Capitan

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TimeNet 4.1 is Now Available!

TimeNet 4TimeNet 4.1 is ready to go! We’ve been listening to your feedback and made some great improvements and fixes. We hope you enjoy!

    TimeNet 4 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

Release Notes

  • To-Do items can now be assigned to employees
  • To-Do list can now be filtered by employee
  • To-Do list can now show or hide completed items
  • Employees are now included in the File > Export feature
  • New tag for invoice templates
  • Rounding time by 5 minutes
  • Fixed an issue with client and project names containing ampersands (&)
  • Fixed an issue where the Date column in the main window wasn’t sorting properly
  • Fixed an issue with For My Eyes Only entries still showing on invoices
  • Fixed a rounding issue where some calculations could be off by one cent
  • Interface improvements


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TimeNet Law 2.9 is Now Available!

TimeNet Law has been rewritten to be faster, leaner, and more stable. This update brings a number of new features and enhancements, and ensures compatibility with the latest OS X technologies.

Release Notes

  • Performance – everything from running reports, bulk billing and syncing over a network to working with large databases or large matters is up to 80% faster.
  • New Conflict of Interest checking engine. Faster, with a better detailed report. Matter parties are now included in conflict checks.
  • Accounting section lets you specify different currency symbols for accounts.
  • “Last Month” has been added as a date filter shortcut in reports.
  • Ledger History now always sorts payments by date.
  • Trust, Escrow and Unapplied Credits now show a detailed Ledger History.
  • Re-Issuing invoices no longer changes the invoiced date. Instead, there is an option to show the date the invoice was reprinted
  • Printed reports have improved titles.
  • Improvements with syncing and networking.
  • Fixed an issue with emailing invoices where the body of the message might say “this message has no content”.
  • Bulk invoices and statements are now named Last Name, First Name if the “Sort by Last Name” option is enabled.
  • Additional improvements to bulk billing engine.
  • Fixed an issue with using Firefox or Chrome as your default web browser.
  • Fixed issues with Split Billing.
  • Many more bug fixes and UI improvements.

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Master of My Domain 2.1 is Available!

MOMD 2.0

Master of My Domain 2.1 is now available! We’ve taken the new UI up a notch with a stunning edge-to-edge design, and added groups to organize your domain names together.

Read on for screenshots and release notes!

    Master of My Domain 2 requires OS X 10.7 or later.


Release Notes

  • Improved edge-to-edge design
  • Groups to organize your domain library
  • Improved import/export features
  • Big performance improvements for large domain libraries
  • Fixed an issue where MOMD would crash on quit if you did not allow Calendar access in OS X’s permission settings

Download Master of My Domain 2.1 now!

TimeNet 4.0
TimeNet 4 Main Window
TimeNet 4 Main Window
Project Window
Report Window
Global Menu
QuickTimer Window

TimeNet 4.0 is Now Available!

TimeNet 4.0TimeNet 4.0 is ready to rock and roll! This is a HUGE update. TimeNet has been rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the latest OS X goodness. New animations, new layout, new graphics, and it will look gorgeous on your retina Mac!

Check out the new video tour, screenshots, and release notes below. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

    TimeNet 4 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

    TimeNet 4 is a $15 upgrade. If you bought TimeNet after March 24th, 2014 it’s free!

Take a tour of TimeNet 4!




TimeNet 4 Main Window

Project Window

Global Menu

QuickTimer Window

Release Notes

  • All New retina ready interface
  • New invoice layout options
  • Drag and drop clients to groups sidebar
  • New animations and interface enhancements around every corner
  • New self-installing auto-updater
  • Double-click any column in reports to drill into project breakdown detail view
  • Rates with up to 4 decimal places (for example 0.024 cents per letter)
  • Spell checking enabled
  • New Quick Search options
  • New undo features in Project window
  • New QuickTimer features
  • New contextual menu options
  • Performance has been drastically improved throughout
  • Improved syncing
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Menubar timer fixes
  • Many, many more goodies and enhancements


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MOMD 2.0
MOMD 2.0
Global Scanner

Master of My Domain 2.0 is Here!

MOMD 2.0

Master of My Domain 2.0 is now available! This update brings new features and fixes, and has been completely rewritten and redesigned for Retina. Stability and usability improvements make it even easier to use, and new layouts, graphics and animations make it look better than ever.

Read on for screenshots and release notes!

    Master of My Domain 2.0 requires OS X 10.7 or later.


MOMD 2.0

Global Scanner

Release Notes

  • New design looks gorgeous on your Retina Mac
  • Better experience when entering passwords
  • Menubar app has been redesigned for Retina
  • Added support for additional TLDs
  • New contextual menu options
  • Many more small improvements and features!
  • Fixed an issue where MOMD would lock up for a minute when quitting
  • Fixed an issue with parsing dates from WhoIs results
  • Improvements to the uptime scanning engine
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when switching to/from Dropbox data storage
  • Improved importing and exporting domain list

Download Master of My Domain 2.0 now!


TimeNet Law — Yosemite + Chrome/Firefox Issue

If you are using Google Chrome or FireFox as your default web browser and have updated to Yosemite, you will see this error when trying to view TimeNet Law invoices:


If you set your default browser to Safari, you will not have this issue. You can change this in System Preferences > General.

We hope Google and FireFox will release updates to fix this issue soon.

TimeNet Law on Yosemite
TimeNet on Yosemite
MOMD on Yosemite

Yosemite Status Report!

We are pleased to announce that TimeNet Law, TimeNet, and Master of My Domain are all Yosemite ready!

OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) will be released in just a few weeks, and it is a terrific update! Yosemite brings tons of great new features and the biggest design overhaul in years, and it looks and performs great!

All AppleSource Software apps are completely compatible with OS X Yosemite, and will take advantage of new user interface elements and advanced features!

TimeNet Law on Yosemite
TimeNet Law on Yosemite

TimeNet on Yosemite
TimeNet on Yosemite

MOMD on Yosemite
MOMD on Yosemite

TimeNet Law 2.8.7 is Available Now!

TimeNet Law 2.8.7 is now available! This update brings over 40 new features and improvements! Read on for complete release notes.


Version 2.8.7 – Release Notes

Payment Center
– Improvements to interface
– Faster performance with large clients
– Faster reloading of large clients after applying or deleting payments
– The ability to delete multiple payments at once
– Can now delete payments from the Trust/Escrow/UAC detail view window
– Can now delete deposits to matter Trust/Escrow/UAC without selecting the matter first
– Improvements to the View & Delete Payments section and how totals are shown

– Accounting Center can now link Client Accounts to any internal Accounting Center account
– Deposits to withdrawals, refunds, and payments applied to invoices will be reflected in your internal accounting

– Dates are now validated when being entered into the system to prevent typos or other issues
– Write Offs are broken down by Fees and Disbursements in Client Report and Credit Report
– Can now show a textual header and a logo at the same time on invoices
– Option to show Check # or other payment details on invoice payment history
– New option to import slips from a spreadsheet directly into a matter
– Quickly insert the time of day into any field with the “Insert Time” function in the Edit Menu
– On split billing matters, Additional Charge slips can now only be charged to a specific party
– Ability to control the timer from the dock
– Dock icon now shows the time of the currently running timer
– New Automatic Bookkeeper feature: Hold Transfers. This will show presumed payments coming out of retainer on invoices, but will not actually transfer any funds.
– TimeNet Law can now track idle time while the timer is running, and can offer to deduct the idle time
– Date of Birth field in client info window (optional)
– Can now set the font used specifically for the firm identity/textual header on invoices
– Ability to show Client ID and Client Code with Print Client Labels
– Ability to export client labels
– New shortcut to edit invoice late fees from the invoice drawer
– Matter Linking — any change made to one matter is automatically made to another. Useful for split billing between multiple clients.
– Credit Report now shows dates for deposits to retainer accounts

– Improvements to report performance and calculations
– Improvements to split billing matter invoicing
– Improvements to the way data is written and read
– Various improvements to system performance and user interface
– Fixed an issue where Billing Center’s Bill Work in Progress section could result in a crash
– Improvements to permission settings when TimeNet Law is used with TimeNet Law Control Center module
– Sort Clients by Last Name option now sorts client by last name in all client lists, not just the main window
– Deposits and Payments listed on invoices are now always sorted in date order
– The Edit > Add Slips function has been improved and streamlined
– Improvements to importing iCal/Calendar events into matters
– Improvements to client filtering in the main window by category, search term, etc
– The TimeNet Law menubar timer no longer flashes red when timing — now shows a solid green color to be less distracting
– Fixed an issue where some clients would not appear with Print Client Labels
– Fixed an issue with rounding time to nearest 10 minutes
– Fixed an issue with % Discount labels on invoices
– Improvements to discounts and Automatic Bookkeeper Payments
– Improved client’s address display on invoices

Download TimeNet Law 2.8.7 Now!

TimeNet 3.9.6 Update Released!

timenetTimeNet 3.9.6 is now available for download. This update brings several great new features and improvements. Read on for release notes.

Version 3.9.4 – Release Notes

– Easily create estimates and track estimated amounts vs. actual amounts
– Job Numbers – automatically generate sequential job numbers for projects
– Improvements to working with projects and saving settings in networked environments
– Control the timer from the TimeNet icon in your Dock

Download TimeNet 3.9.6 now!