TimeNet Law 2.9.7 is here! This update includes over 50 new features, fixes and refinements!

Release Notes


  • Interface improvements
  • Big Performance improvements in Payment Center, One Click Billing, Conflict Checking, Reports
  • New “Latest Activity” column can be shown in main window to sort clients and matters by recent activity
  • Customizable email body text for automatically emailed invoices
  • Improvements to invoice layout, margins, and wording
  • Improvements to Conflict of Interest checker
    Conflict Checking is now more aggressive. Conflicts may now appear that didn’t before, but you can manually waive them
  • Invoices can now show a custom label for Late Fees (for example, “Interest”)
  • Footers can now appear on the bottom of every page on multi-page invoices
  • One Click Billing summaries can now be recalled at any time after billing (Report > One Click Billing Summary)
  • Flat Fees can Expenses can now have up to four decimal places (i.e. 0.535 for 53.5 cents per mile)
  • Statements can now exclude full invoice history for a simplified look
  • Statements now have a date filter for showing Payment and Retainer activity
  • Matter windows can now show a column for Slip Notes
  • New Client setting to only charge late fees after a specific date
  • Custom currency symbols can now be entered
  • Retainer Funds In Funds and Out Report can now show or hide “Withdrawals”
  • Improvements on LEDES invoices and the BILLING_END_DATE parameter


  • Fixed an issue with creating a draft invoice immediately followed by a final invoice
  • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting text didn’t immediately show spelling errors
  • Fixed an issue with the Revenue Allocation Report
  • Fixed an issue with the Previous Balance shown on re-issued invoices
  • Fixed an issue with the date filter for Payment and Retainer activity in One Click Billing
  • Fixed an issue where slips might not sort chronologically when using One Click Billing
  • Fixed an issue with foreign currency symbols
  • Fixed an issue with post dated retainer payments
  • Fixed an issue with Database Shortcuts not saving properly
  • Fixed an issue with Control Center’s read-only slip permission setting

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