TimeNet Law 2.9.8 is here! This update includes over 70 new features, fixes and refinements! Let’s jump in and take a look at what’s new.

The first thing you’ll notice is many refinements to the user interface, including the main window, Accounts window, Matter window, and Payment Center. This is just a hint of what’s to come, as we gear up for the TimeNet Law 3.0 redesign.

The Payment Center has been redesigned to be cleaner and easier to use. Larger retainer buttons make it easier to see at a glance which accounts have funds in them. And working with payments is easier than ever, because you can now double-click a payment or retainer deposit to see all of its details, and even make edits.

Payment Center

Working with matters is now better than ever. This update includes big performance improvements when opening and saving large matters, and a new toolbar shortcut lets you quickly see and edit the client’s contact information. Select an invoice from the invoices drawer and all slips from that invoice will be darkened so you can easily see which slips are from which invoice.


The Accounts window adds new automatic accounts:

Accounts Receivable




See your law firm’s complete financial picture in one simple view. You can still include client payments in any account as well, so all of your accounting is integrated automatically.



Reports have been improved with an even faster engine, and now all report filter settings are saved between sessions, so when you close a report and re-open it, or any other report, your date, client, and timekeeper filters will be remembered. Report window interfaces have also been improved, and saving and loading presets has been added to a number of other reports. There is also a new Tax Report that lets you easily see how much money in taxes you’ve collected in any given time period. Your accounting just got a whole lot easier.

Invoicing has been improved as well. Design refinements to invoice layouts, new customizable label options, the ability to customize how invoice files are named, and One Click Billing improvements all mean better, more flexible invoicing for your law firm.

There’s lots more to discover. See the complete release notes below!


Release Notes

New Features

  • Many interface improvements throughout the software
  • Big performance increase when initially loading large databases
  • Add Slips > New customizable global keyboard shortcut for Add Slips window
  • Add Slips > Easily select a client by clicking the word “Client”
  • Add Slips > New option enable or disable clearing text fields after adding the slip
  • Quick Entries can now have amount OR time defaults for easy slip blueprinting
  • Improvements to Late Fee engine
  • Billing Center now defaults to One Click Billing

Matter Window

  • Selecting an invoice from the invoices drawer highlights the slips from that invoice
  • Double-clicking an invoice from the invoices drawer re-issues the invoice
  • New toolbar button to quickly show client contact info, with shortcut to edit client
  • Big performance improvements when opening and saving large matters
  • Big performance improvements when opening matters with lots of notes

Payment Center

  • New cleaner design
  • Can now edit payments and deposits by double-clicking them
  • Performance increase with large clients and matters
  • Show Inactive Matters option


  • New Tax Report
  • Interface improvements for Reports
  • Reports now remember date and other filter settings between sessions
  • Payment Received Report and Credit Allocation Report now let you save report presets
  • New Reset Filters option to quickly reset report filters back to default
  • Generating Slip Report > Ability to show or hide slip notes
  • Generating Slip Report > Ability to customize title of report
  • Slip Report > Hold Option and double-click an entry to edit that slip


  • Improvements to invoice design
  • New option to customize “Required Replenishment” label on invoices
  • New option to customize “Non-Billable Hours” label on invoices
  • New option to customize “Required Replenishment” label on invoices
  • One Click Billing now creates condensed statements for matters with no new activity but an outstanding balances
  • New option to customize how invoice files are named
  • ABK Payments now show as “Payment from Retainer” on invoices, rather than just “Payment”


  • New Accounts Receivable account automatically pulls all A/R from clients
  • New Trust, Escrow and UAC accounts automatically show all retainer activity from clients
  • “Include Client Payments” option now excludes retainer activity
  • Retainer activity is shown in the automatic retainer accounts

TimeNet Law Control Center

  • Improved UI
  • Lockdown feature to keep open but require password again
  • Automatic lockdown after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Dramatically faster loading of large audit databases
  • Audit entries are now displayed newest to oldest
  • Faster sorting

Bug Fixes

  • Data backup engine improvements
  • Fixed an issue with retainer replenishment requests
  • Fixed database issues
  • Fixed an issue with flat hourly rates and One Click Billing
  • Fixed an issue where Previous Balances and ABK Payments
  • Fixed an issue with Client Report Presets failing to save
  • Fixed an issue with overriding conflicts
  • Fixed an issue with Revenue Allocation Report calculations
  • Fixed an issue with printed Revenue Allocation Report header
  • Fixed an issue with QuickTimer Global Shortcut and certain keys
  • Bulk Billing > Balance Forward > All Matters > Previous Balance calculation is incorrect
  • Fixed an isolated issue with reports, late fees, and other calculations showing +/- a few cents

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