TimeNet Law 2.9.9 is here! This update includes over 30 new features, fixes and refinements! See the release notes below for more information.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a “Matter Name” column to Slip Report
  • Client and Party Contact Type lists are now editable
  • Added new types to Client and Party Contact Types
  • Major performance improvements when double-clicking the columns in the Client Report for detail view
  • Added new permission setting for “Can See Matter Notes” in Control Center
  • Control Center UI improvements and bug fixes
  • After a draft invoice, you now have the option to email the invoice when finalizing without re-editing invoice settings
  • When creating new slips, the timekeeper defaults to the last timekeeper’s name entered for quicker data entry
  • Changing Timekeeper Revenue Allocation at the client level now gives you an option to apply the changes to all existing matters under that client
  • Additional UI improvements and refinements
  • Additional performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Flat Fee Items and more than two decimal places (i.e. 0.565)
  • Fixed issues with certain reports and date filters
  • Fixed an issue with the Timekeeper Report when filtered to a single timekeeper
  • Fixed an issue with late fees being applied to multiple clients at once
  • Fixed an issue with Payments Received Report payment filters
  • Fixed an issue with One Click Billing when a specific Invoice File Name setting was used
  • Fixed an issue with a comma appearing in certain fields of LEDES98B invoices causing a validation error
  • Fixed an issue with statements not showing some payments
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a database folder for Dropbox networking

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