Master of My Domain 1.9 is now available! This update brings over 20 new features and improvements. Read on for complete release notes.


– Link to Dropbox to make your Domain Library available on multiple computers
– Logins — store usernames and passwords for WordPress/blog, newsletter, CMS, store, forum, CPanel, etc, with editable shortcuts list
– Subdomains — store subdomains related to each domain name
– DNS — store DNS entries for your domains, with editable shortcuts list
– Database — store login details and database names/types
– Domain Owner — store contact information for the domain owners of domains you track
– Auto Lockout requires you to enter your MOMD password to unlock the app after a period of inactivity
– Define the scope of searches: domains, notes, logins, subdomains, DNS and owner
– Expired domains are sown in red
– Make domains active or inactive
– More sorting options in the Domain box — sort by Registrar, DNS, Expiration
– Many more small improvements

– Fixed an issue where down domains might not report being down when using OpenDNS
– Fixed an issue where MOMD could crash when opening
– Fixed an issue with the menu bar app not properly changing to red when a domain is down
– Fixed an issue with the placement of the menu bar app icon in the menu

Download Master of My Domain 1.9 now!