TimeNet Law 2.8.6 is now available! This update brings over 20 new features and improvements. Read on for complete release notes.



PLEASE NOTE: This update requires a database conversion, and once the conversion has taken place, using older copies of TimeNet Law can cause data corruption or data loss. Please ensure that when updating to this new version, all copies of TimeNet Law in your office are updated before being used. TimeNet Law will warn you if you are about to open an older version after this conversion has taken place.

Version 2.8.6 – Release Notes

– Various improvements and polish to user interface
– New splitter can resize the matter list or the payments list in the Payment Center
– Slip Topics – can organize slips by topic and have them grouped and subtotaled on invoices
– Task Code Billing – new ability to create an invoice across multiple matters by Task Code
– Quick Search now lets you define the scope of your search: everything, matter number, matter name, invoice number, etc
– Budget Automatic Discount – any unbilled amounts over the matter’s budget will get automatically discounted
– New second global tax option
– Ability to customize tax labels

– Improvements to the automatic backup engine
– Fixed an issue with contingency billing matters on reports with date filters
– Fixed an issue with split billing invoices when bulk billing
– Fixed an issue with changing an existing timekeeper’s name
– Fixed an issue where the time total on joint bills could be incorrect
– Fixed an issue with printing client labels when client names were very long
– Fixed an issue with Automatic Bookkeeper automatic payments on joint invoices
– Fixed known issues from submitted bug reports
– Fixed an issue with editing time in the global Timekeeper Timer window
– Fixed issue with Timekeeper and Monthly Timekeeper Reports and flat rate timekeeper slips
– Fixed an issue with split billing and Automatic Bookkeeper’s automatic payments
– Fixed a display issue with client names containing ampersands (&) on the main window

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