TimeNet Law 2.8.5 is Now Available!

TimeNet Law 2.8.5 is here! This update brings over 20 new features and improvements. Read on for complete release notes.


Version 2.8.5 – Release Notes

– TimeNet Law now prevents the computer from sleeping when a timer is running
– Origination — ability to set percentages of income by timekeeper/worker, with corresponding report
– Payment Center now shows total of selected payments in the View & Delete Payments section
– TimeNet Law now prevents multiple timers from running simultaneously
– New Billing Hold Report shows you which matters are on a Billing Hold, and the unbilled fees and expenses for those matters

– Timekeeper Report improvements
– Improved speed and responsiveness of main window when initially loading large databases
– Fixed issue with invoice font being set to Helvetica Neue (and some other Helvetica variants)
– Improvements to invoice total lines to be more concise
– When “Show Only Notes” is selected for invoices, expenses show only the notes as well as fees
– Improvements to ABK and Bulk Billing
– Fixed a rare issue where a matter file could become misnamed in the database and not appear in TimeNet Law
– Fixed a rare issue that could prevent timekeepers from being properly saved when quitting TimeNet Law
– Task Code invoices no longer show “None” for Activity Code when no Activity Code has been set
– Fixed a rare rounding issue with invoice calculations
– Fixed an issue with master matter invoices
– Fixed an issue with the Net Investment Report

Download TimeNet Law 2.8.5 Now!

TimeNet 3.9.31 is Now Available!

timenetTimeNet 3.9.31 is now available for download.

Release Notes
– Interface enhancements and polish
– New Invoice Template – Appaloosa
– Can now Copy-Paste task entries
– Can now type to select clients/projects in main window
– Tasks with notes entered now show a small notes icon in project windows
– A rate column is now shown in project windows
– Quick Charge tasks can now track quantity
– Ability to set taxable by individual tasks
– Fixed an error with archiving/unarchiving projects
– Fixed an issue with the search field in the main window
Download TimeNet 3.9.31 now!

Mac Law Software – The State of Affairs

Apple is booming. Even the most scrutinizing analysts agree that Apple is poised to overtake Microsoft in market cap and market share. We don’t know when, but it will happen.

Attorneys are paying attention. They need powerful computers that just work. They don’t want to be bothered with drivers, tons of updates, viruses, and buggy software that costs them time and money.

Mac OS X is a stable platform. My Mac machine never restarts unless I tell it to. I can’t remember the last time I had a computer crash — it’s been years. Mac OS X has no viruses, has an elegant and easy to understand interface and logical order of things. It is the ideal choice for attorneys who want to use a computer that just gets out of their way and always works.

The problem, however, is a lack of software. There are basic billing applications out there, with very nice user interfaces and lots of options, but these options don’t always apply to lawyers. Lawyers deal with things like trust and escrow funds, and required minimum balances. Lawyers need more advanced reporting features. Lawyers need automatic bookkeeping, advanced invoice tracking, and terminology that makes sense in their minds.

Lawyers want the cutting edge — every feature that is relevant, none that aren’t. Lawyers want mobility. iPhone and iPad apps that go with them. Lawyers don’t want their data stored in the cloud. The data needs to be secured. Stored locally. Kept completely confidential. But the data needs to be accessible while on the go.

Enter TimeNet Law 2.1

TimeNet Law is simply the best timing, invoicing, billing, case management and accounting solution for Mac OS X. The interface is modern; easy to use yet extremely powerful. Full networking is built in — local area networks are as simple as using Apple’s built-in File Sharing, and wide area networks can use several free third party options, including Dropbox, to ensure that data is accessible while on the go, always current, and kept completely secure.

iPhone and iPad companion apps are in development, TimeNet Law itself is currently in rapid development, and is gaining a strong user base. Already hundreds of law firms are happy to have found it.

You’ve got the computer. You’re ready to work. Now get the software. AppleSource Software – powerful, secure, easy to use. That’s the Apple Way.


27″ Quad Core Intel i7 iMac

imacIt’s not quite Tuesday yet, but for this installment of Technolust Tuesday, we will be drooling over the new 27″ quad core Intel i7 iMac.

I will be ordering the 27″ 2.8GHz quad core i7 iMac with 8GB RAM. If I can swing it, I’ll be ordering on Black Friday. If not, I will be ordering it the following week.

As soon as it arrives I will be posting a detailed review of everything from overall aesthetic appeal, to screen details, to port lineup and layout, ease of upgrading memory, and fine-tuned benchmarks. How fast are these things really? How do everyday tasks compare? Is Safari, iTunes or even plain old file browsing any faster? Is the screen bright enough? Is the glare bearable?

Then, for fun, I will be posting a head-to-head Geekbench benchmark comparing the new iMac to my current iMac: a 2006 model 20″ 2GHz Intel Core Duo with 2GB of RAM. Then we’ll pit it against a late 2007 model 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 2GB RAM.

I can’t wait to see hands on how this new quad core iMac shreds through my daily work flow. Stay tuned…

itunes 9
Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 12.13.41 PM

Apple Has Crippled iTunes 9

itunes 9With the release of iTunes 9, Apple has upset a lot of people, myself included.

If you scour their online discussion forums, you will see host of others complaining as well. From changes in long-standing design models to developers seeing huge decreases in their App Store sales since the redesign, there is plenty to be upset about.

Here are my main griefs with the latest fruity jukebox software, and I hope Apple is listening:

1. A long-standing bug that I have reported several times over the last 2+ years is still very present. For all of the details, view my post by clicking here.

2. iPhone and iPod developers are now seeing large drops in their sales revenue: up to 50%! This is because of the “improvements” to the App Store layout and design which seem to snuff out the little guys and further promote the “big dogs”. Read More

3. The green + button no longer sends the iTunes player into Mini Mode. I understand that they may have wanted to more strictly conform to their own Aqua Human Interface Guidelines, but they’ve left this feature in for far too long, and now lots of people are too used to it. It’s especially annoying when I’m working on music, because now you have to use two hands to minimize the iTunes player into Mini Mode by either holding Option while clicking the + or using the Command+Shift+M shortcut, making me put down my guitar or other instrument first.

The Green + is Broken

The Green + is Broken

4. The background color for many of iTunes layout modes is now a bright white instead of black. This is too harsh on the eyes of most people, and Apple needs to change it back to black, or a darker shade of grey, or at least let the background color be user-changeable.

5. Apple has removed the Shopping Cart feature of the iTunes Store, or at least made it much harder to find and use, and this makes the entire experience much less user-friendly. Now it’s too easy to accidentally purchase songs, and no longer can you create a shopping cart of items over time to purchase at a later date.

Apple needs to listen to their millions of users and the thousands of complaints on their own website alone and get these issues straightened out right away, or they risk alienating a lot of people (myself included, and I’m the biggest Apple fan I know).

If you agree, please take a moment to comment on this post (as a sort of petition), and/or file your grievance at http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html.