TimeNet Law 2.8.7 is now available! This update brings over 40 new features and improvements! Read on for complete release notes.


Version 2.8.7 – Release Notes

Payment Center
– Improvements to interface
– Faster performance with large clients
– Faster reloading of large clients after applying or deleting payments
– The ability to delete multiple payments at once
– Can now delete payments from the Trust/Escrow/UAC detail view window
– Can now delete deposits to matter Trust/Escrow/UAC without selecting the matter first
– Improvements to the View & Delete Payments section and how totals are shown

– Accounting Center can now link Client Accounts to any internal Accounting Center account
– Deposits to withdrawals, refunds, and payments applied to invoices will be reflected in your internal accounting

– Dates are now validated when being entered into the system to prevent typos or other issues
– Write Offs are broken down by Fees and Disbursements in Client Report and Credit Report
– Can now show a textual header and a logo at the same time on invoices
– Option to show Check # or other payment details on invoice payment history
– New option to import slips from a spreadsheet directly into a matter
– Quickly insert the time of day into any field with the “Insert Time” function in the Edit Menu
– On split billing matters, Additional Charge slips can now only be charged to a specific party
– Ability to control the timer from the dock
– Dock icon now shows the time of the currently running timer
– New Automatic Bookkeeper feature: Hold Transfers. This will show presumed payments coming out of retainer on invoices, but will not actually transfer any funds.
– TimeNet Law can now track idle time while the timer is running, and can offer to deduct the idle time
– Date of Birth field in client info window (optional)
– Can now set the font used specifically for the firm identity/textual header on invoices
– Ability to show Client ID and Client Code with Print Client Labels
– Ability to export client labels
– New shortcut to edit invoice late fees from the invoice drawer
– Matter Linking — any change made to one matter is automatically made to another. Useful for split billing between multiple clients.
– Credit Report now shows dates for deposits to retainer accounts

– Improvements to report performance and calculations
– Improvements to split billing matter invoicing
– Improvements to the way data is written and read
– Various improvements to system performance and user interface
– Fixed an issue where Billing Center’s Bill Work in Progress section could result in a crash
– Improvements to permission settings when TimeNet Law is used with TimeNet Law Control Center module
– Sort Clients by Last Name option now sorts client by last name in all client lists, not just the main window
– Deposits and Payments listed on invoices are now always sorted in date order
– The Edit > Add Slips function has been improved and streamlined
– Improvements to importing iCal/Calendar events into matters
– Improvements to client filtering in the main window by category, search term, etc
– The TimeNet Law menubar timer no longer flashes red when timing — now shows a solid green color to be less distracting
– Fixed an issue where some clients would not appear with Print Client Labels
– Fixed an issue with rounding time to nearest 10 minutes
– Fixed an issue with % Discount labels on invoices
– Improvements to discounts and Automatic Bookkeeper Payments
– Improved client’s address display on invoices

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