TimeNet Law 2.9.5 is ready! This update includes over 40 new features, fixes and enhancements.

The database engine has been retooled to improve reliability in networked environments, as well as providing massively improved performance with larger databases. Loading data, invoicing, running reports, and many other tasks are now much faster.

Read on below for the complete release notes.

Full Release Notes

  • The database engine has been retooled to provide massive performance increases with larger databases. Loading data, invoicing, running reports, and many other tasks are all MUCH FASTER
  • Reliability improvements in networked environments
  • Client Statements are now generated as PDF
  • Client Statements can now show full payment details
  • Additional invoice creation settings are now remembered
  • New option in Trust, Escrow and UAC to show clients with any account activity, even if their current retainer balance is 0.00
  • Creating an invoice in the matter window when there is no new unbilled work will automatically re-issue the client’s last invoice
  • Improvements to invoice printout, rendering, page breaks
  • New Control Center permission settings per user: show/hide dollar amounts, show/hide additional charge & flat fee slips
  • Improvements to Automatic Bookkeeper
  • It is now easier to add a Balance Forward when creating a new matter
  • Improvements to Balance Forward features
  • New option, “Opposing Party” added to Party Roles presets
  • Party Status now defaults to Associated instead of Neutral
  • New option to use a separate “Bill To” name and address in client settings. When the settings is used, the client name/address and the separate Bill To name/address will both be shown on invoices
  • Many UI fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with rounding issues and large numbers
  • Fixed an issue with Accounts transactions that were billed to a client
  • Fixed an issue with the Add Slips window
  • Fixed an issue with stopping the timer from the slip details window
  • Fixed an issue with importing slips from Calendar
  • Fixed issues with split billing and party addressing
  • Fixed an issue with the Matter Number field and certain characters saving improperly
  • Fixed issues with invoice printing and running reports for clients with certain characters used in their name or matter information
  • Fixed an issue where emailed invoices might appear as broken attachments in email viewer
  • Fixed an issue where invoices mailed to multiple email addresses for a single client may have been emailed to the same address twice
  • Fixed an issue where the return key wasn’t working in the Additional Charge Slip window

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