New features, bug fixes, UI improvements. Read below for full release notes.

Full Release Notes

  • Full calculator on all number fields (eg, type “10 + 39” or “10% of $2739” and have the calculation automatically inserted)
  • Ability to easily add a “balance forward” when creating a new matter
  • Auto-complete fields are now much nicer
  • When applying retainer payments, you can specify payment details (for example, Check and Check #) of the payment coming out of retainer
  • Fast database switching — ability to create names and shortcuts to multiple TimeNet Law Databases for easily switching back and forth
  • Improvements to invoice heading sections
  • Fixed an issue with the Timekeeper Report’s Timekeeper A/R calculation under rare conditions
  • Fixed headers on reports when using date filters
  • Fixed an issue with automatic backup causing bug reports
  • Fixed an issue with TimeNet Law freezing on some computers on waking up from sleep
  • Additional bug fixes, UI and performance improvements

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